Lesson 3: Contraction/Expansion Lab + Presentations

In this lesson we discussed thermal contraction and expansion and completed a lab while I did a demonstration with immersing a balloon in cold air, then warm water and observing and measuring the effects in the size of the balloon.  The due dates for the lab are below.  The lab can be downloaded here: Thermal Expansion Demonstration.  Students may wish to refer to this chapter to complete the follow-up questions if they can’t remember from class:

Students also presented their mini-lessons on conduction, convection and radiation.  This information will be on the quiz next week.  If you want to read about each of these in more detail, you can download the chapters below.  You also may view the videos by going into YouTube and searching Science Geeks with the subject you want to view (e.g. Science Geeks Conduction).

Due dates for Expansion/Contraction Lab AND Quiz:

  • Class 70:  Monday, June 15th
  • Class 71:  Friday, June 12th
  • Split 7s:  Wednesday, June 10th


Lesson 2: A Study of How Heat is Transferred

In Lesson 1 we learned that heat is the transfer of energy.  Today students were given an assignment to study the three ways that heat is transferred:  conduction, convection and radiation.  Students researched their information in groups and prepared a poster and information for sheet for students in preparation for teaching a short mini-lesson on their topic for next science class.

Assignment expectations were distributed in class to every student this lesson.  I do not have this in electronic fomat (my computer erased it when it shut down unexpectedly!) so if you need another copy, please drop by the science room!  Assessment rubric here:  Science Assignments Rubric – Group Work

Lesson 1: Introduction and Explaining Hot and Cold

We introduced this lesson with an overview from Bill Nye the Science Guy!  Students completed a T/F quiz.

In our introductory lesson we defined heat, temperature, kinetic energy and thermal energy.  Students were also given a terminology page that they are responsible for completing as we progress through the unit.

You can download Lesson 1 here:  Lesson 1 Explaining Hot and Cold

Science Vocabulary sheet:  Heat Vocabulary Sheet

Here is Bill!:

Unit 4: Heat in the Environment

Yes, we are moving onto our next unit!  Unfortunately without our computers we are unable to do our last period of research for the blog assignment AND with losing last week for lessons due to the year-end trip, we getting short on time!

In this last unit, students will evaluated on two assignments (time given in class for research and working on it, though if not finished it must be completed before the next class!), a lab, two quizzes and as always, a big emphasis on class participation!  As always, follow the blog to make sure you are top of things!

Lesson 5: Product Development

Many students ask me during this lesson, “What does this have to do with science?”.  Science links with many other areas in life!  Though we have been focusing on buildings and bridges in this unit, remember a structure is something put together with parts for a purpose, therefore any product is a structure!  Engineers must consider many factors when making new products and this lesson briefly takes a look at the design, manufacturing and sales process.

No assignment this week (the class did a short group/sharing activity instead).

You can download the PowerPoint here:  Lesson 5 Product Development

Student notes organizer:  Lesson 5 Product Development Process Student Organizer

We also watched a video and had discussion about the manufacturing process:

Week of April 27th – Quiz + Lab Report DUE

This week students will be completing the testing of their bridges and submitting their lab package and writing their mid- unit quiz.  Review has been done in class, but students are reminded to review all new vocabulary (listed under each lesson on this blog and their notes).

Reminder that the Bridge Building Lab is due this week!